Social Media Marketing Atlanta

What is SMO?

Also known as social media marketing, social media optimization is the process of generating publicity through various social media networks and platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedln to increase awareness of your business, including brand, products or services.

Why Social Media Optimization?

What’s up with Tweets, Likes, links, photos and videos? For starters, internet users spend about 1/6 of their online time engaged with social media – and more people than ever are searching via social networks when looking for businesses in Atlanta. Consumer generated content (like reviews) is also gaining momentum with people both reading about and sharing their experiences.

What Is Your Atlanta Competition Doing?

Atlanta businesses both large and small are engaging customers and prospects via social media. Only SEO is more important as a source of leads.

Why 1424?

We are poised to help you take advantage of this growing opportunity. Our strategy for your business will be a one-of-a-kind effort implemented after in-depth research and consultation with you. We get to know your business and then we implement a campaign designed to work hard and get results. And while you will see some evidence of our efforts almost immediately, understand that social media marketing is a long-term strategy that will yield better and better results for you when implemented consistently over time.

Want to know more?

Download our Social Media Optimization White Paper to find out more about how social media marketing works and how 1424 can implement it to help grow your Atlanta business. Ready to talk now? Contact us to set up an initial consultation.

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