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Small Business Online Marketing Tips: Negotiation Is The Key

Online marketing and negotiation are all about meeting needs, not a hard sell. So put those negotiation skills to work when you create your next campaign. Continue reading

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Use Search Query Parameters to See What’s Up With The Competition

Effective use of search query parameters can help you get a leg up on the competition. Continue reading

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The High Cost of Rolling Your Eyes at Social Media

Social media is important to your business … no matter what demographic you’re after. Continue reading

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5 Reasons Your Small Business Internet Marketing Strategy Should Include Social Media

Your Internet marketing strategy should include the right social media platforms for your business. Here’s a little research to help you decide. Continue reading

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Mobile Marketing Tips: Who Should You Target?

Mobile Marketing Tips: Target the SuperConnecteds, the 48% of the U.S. population that do a little bit of everything on their smart phones. Continue reading

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Social Media Marketing Tips: Stop, Drop, Roll When Your Business Gets A Negative Review

Social Media Marketing Tips: Resist the temptation to defend and deny when your business gets a bad review. Instead, remember what you learned as a child: Stop. Drop. Roll. Continue reading

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Website Optimization Tips: Conversion Is King

Internet marketers have strong opinions about how to optimize websites to meet their online marketing strategy goals. One thing they know for sure: It pays to understand what you want your website to do before trying to make changes. Check … Continue reading

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