How Do Blogs Fit Into A Strategic Online Marketing Solution?

“You’ve gotta have a blog” seems to be a standard refrain when you talk to anyone about marketing your business online. Generally speaking, it’s sound advice. But has your marketing consultant ever explained WHY it’s a good idea?

While plenty of people make a good living blogging, that’s not why you blog as part of your company’s online marketing strategy. Let’s talk a little about two good reasons you should blog for your business.

Establish Yourself As An Expert … And A Real Live Human Being

If you own a successful business, chances are that you know a thing or two about your industry, your products, and managing a business. You’re an expert – and sharing some of your knowledge is a great way to build rapport with existing or potential clients or customers.

Wouldn’t you feel more comfortable calling a local plumber who actually shares some tips and tricks about fixing that leaky faucet or publishes a video showing you how to adjust that arm and ball thing in your toilet tank, so the water doesn’t constantly run?

The Internet can seem like a pretty impersonal place. Sharing a little knowledge about your industry or products is the electronic version of helping your clueless next-door neighbor install a ceiling fan just like the one you put in 2 years ago. Because you’ve “been there, done that,” you can help them not only do the job right but also do the job in half the time.

Improve Search Engine Ranking

Another great reason to make blogging part of your online marketing solution is to help Google and the other search engines understand what your site is all about – and that it’s relevant to people who search on the keywords that fit your business. That’s called getting search engine respect for your website.

By building a body of content with your blog that talks about the things you understand – your industry, your products or services, and managing a business – you build credibility with the search engines. Once they recognize your site as an “authority” on your topics, they’re far more likely to serve up your content on Page 1 of organic (free) search results.

You don’t have to be the king or queen of prose to create an effective blog. Just write what you know – and the rest will fall into place.

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