Profit Based Marketing Strategies For Your Business

Many business owners think of marketing as a “necessary evil” — or maybe even unnecessary. Why? Because they look at marketing as a cost of doing business instead of as a tool for growing the bottom line. We want to turn that thinking around – and Profit Based Marketing is helping us do it.

This isn’t just a slick spin on words to lure you over the edge; it is real and we mean what we say. We create an online marketing strategy for you — and even manage it if you want us to — that is specially designed to lower your costs and increase your profits. Our method, our purpose and our strategy is as simple and straightforward as that.

At 1424 we market your business — just like we market ours — in a way that will strategically and systematically decrease the cost of getting new business, thereby  increasing your bottom line — potentially by a lot.

Can you really afford not to do this?

It’s not magic. There’s no big secret. In fact, we take great pains to lay it all out in exact detail for anyone who wants to see what a 12-month profitability projection would look like for their business. And we do that before we even decide whether or not to work together going forward.

And here is our promise to you: If we take a close look at your business and don’t think we can increase your profitability with our strategic online marketing, we will tell you so (and we’ll tell you why) — and we won’t even let you sign up. That’s how seriously we take this.

You Could Learn To Market Your Business Online — But Is That The Best Use Of Your Time?

We don’t use any tools, strategies, or methods to do what we do that you couldn’t also learn, buy, and practice yourself. It is all available online. But it takes time, money, and lots of vigilance to get it right and keep it going. Most business owners come to us because they don’t have the time, money, or motivation to do this themselves.

We apply our expertise and our many, many tools to tune-up your web site and then promote it in the way that will best fit your business and your profit goals. We do what it takes to get your online marketing — and therefore your business — on a profitability track.

Is Online Marketing Worth It? We Know It Is.

Is online marketing free? No, but it is worth a lot more than you’ll pay for it. And you won’t pay one dime for the 12-Month Profit Roadmap. We put a lot into this and it gives a lot of value back — whether you decide to sign on with us for further services or not.

Let Us Show You The Power Of Profit Based Marketing

If your current marketing strategy is not based on a profitability plan, then you may be losing money right now – while you’re reading this.

And no one can afford that.

Take the next step. Find out more about our 12-Month Profit Roadmap

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