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We’re not just digital nerds; we’re people nerds. Like you. And we have the know-how you need to keep your local business visible, relevant, and competitive through all the online chatter.

We specialize in serving local businesses as they serve their customers year after year – with personalized care and attention.

Our job is to handle all of the digital-techy-online stuff so that our clients can focus on what they do best – taking care of their customers.

The 1424 team is part of your local business team. We get to know your business, who your customers are, and what matters to them. Together, we will work out the best strategies for helping your business thrive in the age of stiff online competition.

We primarily serve clients in service-industry businesses, those whose companies provide beneficial services to consumers. Our policy, and promise, is that we will not provide our services to any competitors of our existing clients within the same market.

"1424 built a stunning website, drafted effective blog posts and created an online presence for my company. Their marketing approach was crucial to enlarging my customer base."
Peter Sherer

CEO • Experience Matters


We create and publish relevant website content geared to the inquiries and issues that your customers care about. We can also build you a new site, or redesign an existing one.

Blog Posts

To keep your business top of mind, we create targeted blog posts on a regular basis featuring informational topics that speak to the needs of your customers.

Social Media

We post your content (and relevant curated content) across social media platforms (if you don’t yet have social media, we’ll get you up and running!)

Email Marketing

We send value-added news and relevant information to your email list. Not too much, not too little - just enough to keep them engaged and telling others about your business.

Google Business

We manage your Google Business Profile and encourage your customers to write positive reviews that influence others to visit your website.

Transitioning to Digital Data

If your team needs assistance with a shift to digital data systems in-house, we can provide technical support to ensure a smooth transition.

Personal Meetings

We regularly meet with you to discuss seasonal shifts, promotions, and other factors that affect your business, facilitating collaborative strategic planning.

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Recent articles and inspiration from our team of online marketing experts.

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