1424 handles the digital needs of local businesses that are well-established and successful in what they do – offering expert and professional services to their customers – but may lack the in-house digital know-how to attract and engage online searchers. We adeptly fill that gap, putting our expertise to work to implement the most effective strategies for your business: optimizing your website, creating informational blog posts, boosting your social media presence, and building loyalty among your customers with just the right email marketing touch.

The clients served by 1424 Marketing Group range across a wide spectrum of occupations and industries including accountants, consultants, electricians, hair stylists, executive coaches, and attorneys…to name just a few.

How can they find you if they have no idea that your business exists? That’s where 1424 comes in. We know how to make that happen.

Prospective customers may or may not know your business by name, but they know what kind of quality and value they are seeking. They have questions and you have answers. When they search online (and they do!) to find someone with your expertise who offers the services they need, we’ll ensure you show up in their search results. And once they find you online, we’ll make sure that your business looks so good that they’ll want to contact you immediately (and they will!).

Our Team

Thia Hamilton PhD
Founder & CEO

Pamela Gomez
Content and Social Media

Kim Cherevas
Content Writer & Editor

Christopher Carbaugh
Website Design & Development

Chief Mood Elevator

"It’s a wonderful experience to be part of the 1424 team. We work together to get results for our clients and it’s gratifying to see them consistently attract new customers and see their businesses grow."
Pamela Gomez